Book Steve to Speak

If you want a speaker on Leadership for a conference, a workshop, seminar, professional or personal development, then book Steve Gray. He can take a full on practical session on developing effective Leadership skills you and your team can put in action now.

A published Author on Leadership Excellence  (go on, get the book here.) it’s a seven step how to manual.

Perhaps you want a keynote presentation, or a series of workshop sessions to build leadership skills for your team… Drop me a line and I will tailor a program to suit your needs.

Your investment? Depending on your requirements, travel and so forth, fees can be quite cost effective through to a more comprehensive package. Email me with some details so I can make the package suit  your needs. What’s that? You have a budget in mind… Sure, let me know how much and I can tell you if I can create something to work within that.

Call: (within Australia) 0414 522 128


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