Who is Steve Gray? He’s a Busines Educator who works from secondary school level, through to corporate executives. “I do my best to know as much information as I can about the topics I have presented over the years. In this case ‘Leadership’. I started out with a small bunch of handouts and a lot of research, then as my skills progressed I added so MUCH more to that. I have developed a street smart effective program which can assist most people to lead better.”

Steve has been involved in various business activities (try free business tips) as well as workshops and his own business interests. Over many years he has written hundreds of articles (both print and web based) on topics from Leadership – Innovation – Communication – HR – Marketing and Management and more.

From Training and Development to Entrepreneurial skills, Steve loves to share information which can assist people to be all they can be. All his experience and learning has culminated in his book, so you too can become a more effective leader.

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Steve Gray

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This is more than just a “book” on leadership, it’s a practical how to resource, you will use over and over again. Some call it their “Secret Weapon”, one they use to get ahead in business, career promotions or just to become better leaders.

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Steve Gray

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  • “Can we book Steve to talk on leadership?” Yes.. Drop an email to him to start the ball rolling.
  • “Why should this leadership bookbe different to others?” Steve has distilled a ton of information and put the information into action with practical exercises, which are easy to implement and take action on. Steve has done the hard yards and is passionate about great leadership. Hopefully you will get a sense of that too!
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