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November 14th, 2013

Are you interested in being a better leader? Or do you need a speaker on leadership at conferences, training session/s or community workshops…

You see, I have a wealth of experience on the topic of leadership and present to groups as well as providing my information online.

Over many years I have put together programs to present ideas and information on leadership and enjoyed passing on this hard won knowledge.

Read a review of his Leadership E Book.

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Steve Gray

Check out the heading V.I.P. RESOURCES above, it’s a link to PDF files you can download and read. In those files is a wealth of information to assist you in your quest to become or better,  your leadership skills.

As far as I am concerned, leading people in a positive direction towards worthwhile goals is a very worthy pursuit and one well worth your learning. In fact I believe it’s a legacy to be a great leader, to pass on the skills to others like my Father did for me (I didn’t know it at the time though.)

I am fortunate to say I have taught many people via my online and live programs on how to work towards becoming highly effective leaders. If you have a team of people who want to learn more about leadership in a short program or a full on seminar, please email me for more information. I guess the big thing is you were curious and wanted to find out more about leadership, so a big thank you for dropping in here, I really appreciate it.


Steve Gray

At last, a leadership program, which is cost and time effective and will give YOU the edge in your leadership development. A seven part program which will give you a leadership edge, if you want it.

Ask yourself this…

“Is being a highly effective leader the sort of skill you want to have?”


“Do you feel like you are not able to perform at your peak as a leader, simply because you don’t yet have a method, plan or program, which is working for you?

Leading lady

ARE YOU the leader you’re expected to be, want to be, HAVE to be? If not, then 7 Steps to Leadership Excellence could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

“Many years back I started teaching Leadership at University level and loved it, the results I was able to assist others to get, was fantastic. Now you can explore those sorts of results too. Invest in the course, read the information and start taking action!” Steve Gray

True leaders are people others respect, admire and want to be like. True leaders, build confidence and understand how to get people to perform effectively and perform with ease…

Your ability to select, motivate, inspire and coordinate other people to work with you in accomplishing your dreams will largely determine your leadership success or failure. In achieving your dreams, others will be propelled forward, the organisation you are part of will experience the benefits of the results too, in short it can become a powerful Win – Win situation.

You’ll never take your organisation to greatness, achieve extraordinary results and build a ‘super-team’ of top producers until, and unless, you develop solid leadership skills, which will assist you to achieve extraordinary results consistently.

Such a proven track record will inspire others to perform at equally exceptional levels.

Let’s face it.

People ascribe leadership to those people who enable them to grow and achieve out-of-the-ordinary results.

You see, outstanding leaders know how to:

  • Unleash true potential in others.
  • Have the courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls.
  • Develop a knack for hiring top performers.
  • Clearly communicate their vision to people in frontline positions.
  • Acquire and keep loyal followers.
  • Keep everyone focused and on the right track.

You can inspire others to greatness, but first you need to appreciate, learn and put into practice the key traits of a highly effective leader.

That’s why you should buy the how to leadership manual, which will assist you to sharpen your leadership skills to a razor-sharp edge.

Get the Book! Now available in multiple ebook formats, yes you can even see it on your iphone! $4.95 (Click the link)

You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize the difference between “good” and “bad” leaders.
  • How to achieve extraordinary results without cutting corners or compromise.
  • The secret of developing loyal followers – people who will help you become successful in the shortest time possible!
  • How to simplify your message, connect with your audience, meet people where they are and drive them to action.
  • The little-known secrets to inspire others to do more and take your company to new levels of excellence.
  • How to do the things that you’re afraid to do but need to be done at once.
  • The 7 time tested principles of outstanding leadership to help you produce insane results without driving other people or yourself crazy. Each principle is broken down into specific applications, so you can assess your own effectiveness and understand concrete ways to improve yourself.
  • Re-examine many aspects of how you lead your team at work, how you interact with your peers and co-workers and other people in your personal and professional life.

You’ll also receive:

  • Information from a person who has been to the school of hard knocks and back again… Information which has been hard won, often deeply held “secrets” others will beg you to tell them, yet for many the simplicity of your answers will probably cause them to not take notice…
  • Free resources… At the top of this page  you will find a link to VIP resources you can use in conjunction with the book, Free… Yes I want you to use them now and start making a difference to  your leadership immediately…

It’s a jungle out there and many people may be out to get you!

They may want your life, your job, your partner, and your money. If you’re not better today, than you were yesterday, then it’s probably just a matter of time before you get replaced and ‘updated’ by a better ‘model.’

If you want your organisation and people to explore greatness, establish admirable sales records and develop committed community to give their absolute best, then extraordinary performance and outstanding leadership skills must become your marque. No longer will you want to settle for second best, but rather you will expect great results and will be able to achieve it with greater ease.

True leaders are continually growing themselves…

The leadership how to manual, will assist you to take decisive action steps, which will translate into massive compound improvement and help you turn into a better leader others will admire, respect and follow.

Mark Twain said…

“Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.”

A leader’s legacy will be measured by the examples you set. Your actions, flexibility, focus and attitude will become contagious and gently ‘encourage’ others, taking your people to new heights of productivity, effectiveness and interest.

I have spent many hours researching and compiling the information in this course and although there are many books on leadership, this needed to be a course, one spread out to give you enough thinking and action time at each step, a chance to implement, explore and develop the skills I set out in the course.

You could continue on your path, you could say “maybe later…” you could pull out many and any excuse to to avoid doing this leadership course but will you end up saying you “should have” done it years later? If I had been given the information I will share with you in the course, much earlier I could have been in a very different place to my current position!

May I suggest if you want to get more, do more, be more have more, explore more, then having leadership skills and putting them into action will be a huge step forward in terms of being able to achieve all these things and more.

Get the leadership manual now to unleash the seeds of greatness in yourself and others TODAY!

Steve Gray

E: info@stevegray.biz

Get the Book! Now available in multiple ebook formats, yes you can even see it on your iphone! $4.95 (Click the link)